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RepairsUpdated 2 years ago


If your belt is failing within it's warranty period, please contact us to resolve the issue. We typically aim to repair the belt first as we have all tooling and materials necessary at our warehouse.

When contacting us, please send any images of the damage or fault so we can quickly diagnose the issue.


If your belt lever has failed (any part of the original lever cast or the pin insert) however your belt has clear signs of mistreatment, e.g. throwing it at a wall, dropping it, chipped paint, dents, etc; this will not constitute a warranty claim as we do not advise to use the product this way.


If your knee sleeves tear due to a manufacturing fault, we can have these repairs for you. In particularly, we can repair Inzer Ergo Knee Sleeves. Please note that by repairing the sleeves, they are technically no longer IPF compliant as they have been modified.

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